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YouTubers at Pixelodeon

(Originally posted: June 13, 2007)

Over the course of the last year, I’ve observed overlap between YouTube and the video blogging community, yet the communities somehow remain somewhat insular, with one prominent video blogger only recently posting to YouTube for the first time. In addition, I’ve spoken with many children and youth on YouTube who are not aware of many of the most visible members of the video blogging community. Nor are they are aware of many of the resources that this community provides to video bloggers. I found it especially interesting that several YouTubers came to Pixelodeon. In this video, they discuss some of their reasons, which included business interests, personal fun, and curiosity. I was especially interested in the comments about what it was like to sit with other YouTubers and watch videos. Scholars who study reception practices are especially interested in how interpretations and experiences change according to the conditions under which the videos may be viewed. I enjoyed hearing the YouTubers’ comments which I found very interesting. Some of their views and sentiments about video blogging are consistent with the values expressed by many video bloggers outside of YouTube as well.


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